National Library Week!

April is a big month for literacy; not only do we get to celebrate National Poetry Month and National Bookmobile Day, we also get to celebrate National Library Week!

We are especially passionate about libraries at First Book; many books from the First Book Marketplace end up on library shelves across the nation and in the hands of thousands of children from low-income communities.

We often forget that libraries are more than just buildings that house books; they are important American institutions that contribute tremendously to literacy, education and civic engagement. Without libraries, many children would not have access to books that they can take home and share with their families. Without libraries, many young people would not have a safe and quiet place to study, get online or learn to use computers for research.

If you believe that libraries are essential to combating illiteracy, feel free to visit to see how you can help libraries nationwide. If you know of a library that serves children from low-income neighborhoods, please visit to learn how you can help us put books on their shelves.