Coinstar + Spare Change = Books for Kids!

Make your coins count!  During the month of May you can magically turn your spare change into books for kids in need!

Donate to Firstbook through Coinstar's charity partner, Change Making ChangeCoinstar’s partner, Change Making Change, is featuring First Book as their “charity of choice” throughout the month of May.

Have a coin jar or a jumble of noisy pennies in your pocket? Have your kids been filling their piggy banks? Drop off those coins and help a child from a low income family receive new books!  It’s a great way to encourage your kids to help other children – which is what Change Making Change is all about.

To participate, go to a Coinstar kiosk, select the Coins that Count donation option and then pick Change Making Change as the recipient. Just empty those jars and piggy banks right into the hopper. All donations to Change Making Change throughout May will benefit First Book (and all donations are fully tax deductible).

Coinstar machines can be found at most local grocery stores. To find the Coinstar nearest you, click here.

After you make your donation, follow us on Facebook and Twitter to watch the First Book magic in action!

Update 5/9: Some Coinstar machines may not list “Change Making Change (CMC)” as a potential recipient. In this case you can “add” a charity by entering the 4 digit code “3925”. Special thanks to our colleague in Trumbull County for noticing this!