Best-Sellers From the First Book Gift Catalog

The feeling you get when you help a child in need isn’t something that can be wrapped in a box or tied with a bow. Experience the magic and honor the loved ones in your life with these top-sellers from the First Book Gift Catalog.

1) Beloved picture books that encourage a young mother to read to her child every night.

Books for Babies

Beloved Books for Babies

2) Powerful stories that emphasize girls are smart and strong.

Empowering GirlsEmpowering Stories for Girls

3) Books that bring comfort to a child dealing with tragedy.

kids in crisisKids in Crisis

4) A classroom library that helps a new teacher get her students off to a great start.

new teachers

Great Starts

5) A tractor-trailer full of books that transforms an entire community.

Truckload of booksTruckload of Books

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