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We continually ask educators what it is they need the most for the children they serve. We recently surveyed members of the First Book community of educators who are working with kids over the summer about what resources they’ll need the most for their summer programs. Here’s what they said:

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Summer reading helps kids exercise their minds during their time away from the classroom. Studies have shown that children who are given books to read over the summer perform 35-40% better on reading achievement tests than those without access to books.


Sports & Imaginative Play Resources

Scoring a goal or hula-hooping with friends can be a great way for kids to give their brains a break and encourage social and emotional learning. Costumes and role-playing are fun, hands-on ways for kids to learn through play. They help kids tackle complex subjects like STEM, foster problem solving skills, and build imagination.

Sports And Playcostumes

Games & Crafts

Board games, science puzzles, math challenges and more! Kids can not only play games, but learn while doing it. This section features a wide variety of kits and activities that will help children turn their creative ideas into fantastic works of art, fun puppets, and more.

zingo_gameGames and Activities

Digital Learning Resources

The future is now for your classroom or program. The First Book Marketplace features Chromebooks, digital learning tools like games and eBooks, as well as free tip sheets for using technology in the classroom. An array of different Chromebooks mean that you can find what you’re looking for and in your budget.

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Visit the First Book Marketplace to browse all of the high-quality books and educational resources we have to offer.

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