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Providing Books to Kids Through Ping Pong

This post was written by Events Intern Sabrina Yussuf. Since 2012, Pongapalooza has been instrumental in raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for First Book Canada to provide brand new books and educational resources to Canadian children in need. The winning team: “All Ping” from Moneyclip This year was… Read More
Our Partners

Caring for the whole child

Did you know that nearly 25% of Canadian households do not have a single book in them? Or that having fewer than 10 books in the home means a child can fall up to 18 months behind their peers by the time they reach third grade? Through our programs and… Read More
Focus on First Book Canada

The Family Room: Bringing Families Together

If it weren’t for First Book Canada, we wouldn’t have a literacy program.Parent Resource Coordinator, Winnipeg, MB Parent Resource Coordinators work with the Family Rooms; school budget funded gathering places in community schools within the inner city and core. These rooms serve as a resource for parents in the… Read More
Focus on First Book Canada

Recess: A Time for Playing Games… and Reading

Our school has been so fortunate to work with First Book Canada over the last few years. We have truly benefited from this special partnership, as all of our students have been given access to more books, as well as the opportunity for author visits. The excitement and pure… Read More
Focus on First Book Canada

In Response to “Demand For Diversity”: Kids Deserve Diverse Books

BookNet Canada recently released “Demand for Diversity: A Survey of Canadian Readers” where 58% of the 500 respondents agreed that “they (and others) would benefit from more diverse books.” At First Book Canada, we have been hearing this demand for more diverse books from our network… Read More
Focus on First Book Canada

Behind the Scenes at First Book Canada: Hany

Hany Mehari is the Finance/IT Coordinator at First Book Canada. He took a few minutes from balancing the books to discuss what he does and why he likes working at First Book Canada.   What does your day to day look like?  My day to day is fixated on performing accounting duties so I can… Read More
Focus on First Book Canada

Behind the Scenes at First Book Canada: Tessa

Tessa Eisenberg is the National Engagement Coordinator at First Book Canada. The first thing you notice when walking up to her office is the giant poster of comments that detail how individuals receiving books from First Book Canada will use and distribute them to the kids they serve. Can you tell me… Read More
Focus on First Book Canada

2018 Member Survey Results

Each year, we reach out to all the educators and community leaders who are registered with First Book Canada to hear from them about the kids they serve, the challenges they face in their communities, the impact of the books and resources, and more. We’ve taken out some of the… Read More
Focus on First Book Canada

Sharing A Love For Books: A Conversation with Carey Sookochef

Carey Sookocheff is the illustrator of the critically acclaimed Buddy and Earl series and What Happens Next, and the author/illustrator of Solutions for Cold Feet and Other Little Problems and Wet. Her illustrations have also appeared in a variety of newspapers and magazines. She lives in Toronto with her husband, two kids, and their dog Rosie. We are… Read More